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15 NEW Holiday Cards in Garden Center!

PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:01 pm
by Dogfly3330
My son and I wandered through the Garden Center yesterday, which is mostly filled with Christmas trees and decorations. On a rack above a greeting card display were 15 (count 'em - FIFTEEN) new gift cards! The holiday designs are the same as those that appear in the stand alone cardboard displays found throughout the store - - but they lack the metallic and textured highlights. The denominated designs are immediately distinguishable, especially when you place them side by side, as they are so plain, compared to the shiny and sparkly cards found elsewhere. The Garden Center cards, which were just posted to the Gallery, run from FD31982 through FD31996; there was no FD31995, but I'm guessing it's out there.

FD31982 - same design as FD29447
FD31983 - same design as FD29889
FD31984 - same design as FD30172
FD31985 - same design as FD29453
FD31986 - same design as FD29882
FD31987 - same design as FD29932
FD31988 - same design as FD29879
FD31989 - same design as FD29885
FD31990 - same design as FD30150
FD31991 - same design as FD30175
FD31992 - same design as FD30153
FD31993 - same design as FD30171
FD31994 - same design as FD30155
FD31996 - same design as FD30176

Re: 15 NEW Holiday Cards in Garden Center!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 7:12 pm
by Dogfly3330
Just a quick follow-up. I've been to 4 other Walmart stores and only one of those had the new cards. They weren't in the Garden Center, but inside the store by the garden entrance, in an area designated "Christmas Store." The other 3 stores also had a "Christmas Store" section, but the only cards on display there were the usual stand-alone cardboard displays.