Starbucks Team Card v. Steel Card

Starbucks Team Card v. Steel Card

Postby Voyajer » Thu May 23, 2013 11:46 am

Starbucks has watched the secondary market trading its cards for more than a decade and capitalized on the market by introducing the Starbucks Steel card limited release of 5,000. We know that all 5,000 of these cards are known to be collectible by the buyers and will not be thrown away. That makes 5,000 cards available one day. Contrast this to the other Starbucks card from 2001 that hasn't gotten as much press. That card is called the Starbucks Team card. It is a Corporate exclusive Partner limited Shareholder/Vendor card of which only 2,000 were manufactured and only a few hundred actually distributed at an exclusive party at Starbucks corporate office in 2001. The recipients did not know it would be collectible and many were thrown away. Others were simply used, swiped, and tossed in a drawer. Others lost. Today only a handful of these cards exist. And yes, they are known to collectors. A Team Card came up for bid in November 2004, and sold for $1,036.00. The highest price paid for this Card (as of 10-1-06) was $2,550.99 on March 26th, 2006. One is available May 2013 on eBay for $1,700.00. And one just went to me on eBay! I had to have it, but I'm going to have to sell it in the next few months and my entire collection. But thought it was interesting to share about this unique card that only a handful in the world own.
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Re: Starbucks Team Card v. Steel Card

Postby Scott » Thu May 23, 2013 6:39 pm

Agreed. This is the type of thing I love about any collection. It is not the made-to-collect cards that end up being rare, but one that 'slips through the cracks'. My McDonald's find (and giveaway) comes to mind - a card that had been out for over a year and never discovered by the collecting community.

I saw this time and time again in the casino slot card market too. To most companies gift cards are a utility item, not a collectible.

Of course quantity isn't the only variable. I know there are small companies that only issue 100 gift cards at a time, but since they are local brands and not widely collected, they will never have great value even though they are 'rare'. It's a combination of quantity, aesthetics, distribution and collector interest that always drives price.
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