Starbucks France Partner Card

Starbucks France Partner Card

Postby Stuart C » Mon Feb 06, 2012 2:36 pm

While in Paris recently, I took the opportunity to ask whether the staff at a Starbucks store had a Partner Card .... turns out they DID !!! ... and it is completely different to anything I have seen.

Like Spain, the card is used to open the till, and identifies the user. It is also used to get a staff discount.

Managed to persuade one guy to let me take a photo of his card, although he was deeply suspicious of my intentions. I have removed part of the name and staff number to protect his identity.

I have long held the belief that individual countries around the world where there are Starbucks stores would have their own unique Partner/Employee cards. For sure there are country specific cards for USA, UK & Ireland (I have copies).

I have seen employee cards from Czech Republic and Egypt, but they do not have the Starbucks logo since they are franchises.

Two different Spanish cards (Employee and Partner) have appeared on ebay over the past year.

What about Australia, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and all the other countries with Starbucks stores ??? Anybody out there from these countries who could ask at their local store ???

I know there is a French language card, (presumably Canada), but only a proof with no series number has been seen.

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