Target Corporate Gift Cards Available for Trade (pics)

Target Corporate Gift Cards Available for Trade (pics)

Postby Lottowild » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:37 am

Hello, I collect all types of Gift Cards, but have Target Corporate Gift Cards available for trade. (Also, I have alot of earlier regular issue Target cards circa 2004-2008 for trade if interested)

The corporate cards can be viewed at the following link. (As of now, it is the last page in the file, the only picture with 12 cards on the page, dog with earmuffs, etc). I'll be adding all of my target doubles soon as well to the file. ... _xova?dl=0

I am missing many regular issue and all corporate issue Target cards 2009-2013 timeframe, I am also interested in acquiring some Target Canada, Target Australia also, or other Target Corporate cards that I do not have.

Let me know if interested and we can work out a trade or deal of some sort :-) - Kris

Where to reach me quickly. (I log in to Colnect daily) ... [url] ... s-Lee-Duke
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Re: Target Corporate Gift Cards Available for Trade (pics)

Postby jackey456 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:13 am

Target is one of the main huge box stores to get in on the gift voucher trade fleeting trend. The organization cooperated with Cardpool and Nextworth.., which offer online gift voucher trades and exchange ins, individually, for the program.
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