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Gallery Photo "Requirements"

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:51 pm
by Scott
Ok, maybe not so much a "requirement", but a request.

With the new site comes great effort into improving the quality of the data and photos. Already we have weeded out duplicates, tons of typographical errors and begun the process of renaming cards to better organize every part of the gallery. Now we are also working on something else - posting better photos!

You may have noticed the hard work being put into the Walmart and Starbucks galleries with completely new scans showing the fronts and the backs of every card. This helps down the line in spotting new variations as well as helping the moderators come up with a custom numbering scheme for a particular retailer. Eventually we want nearly every card to show the front and the backs - and we'll need your help!

Here's the basic template that we're looking for.

Now I realize not everyone has the software or time to make nice photos like this. Fortunately for you we now have moderators that can do this for you! If you upload photos, they go into moderation before they go live. Moderators can download and manipulate your photos, reupload them and assign them back to you so they're still shown as being uploaded by you! All you have to do is upload both the front and the back (name them similar so they are easy to spot) in the proper category and we'll do the rest! As an alternative, click on my user name and send them to me via direct email!

I want everyone to pay attention in particular to the card in the photo - notice how there is some white space around the edges of the card? Please make sure all your uploads (even if just the fronts) aren't cropped so much that you lose the card edges. If you're emailing them to me directly, feel free to send the high-res scan/photo - I'll resize it on this end!

Now don't let this post scare you off from uploading. We realize that not every photo will be perfect, but want you to know what to strive for. I myself have uploaded cell phone photos of gift cards when I couldn't obtain an actual copy. In the long run, a bad photo is better than no photo at all!

Thanks again for everyone's assistance in making GCC the world's largest (and BEST) repository of Gift Card photos!


Re: Gallery Photo "Requirements"

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:33 pm
by velty
Hello Scott,
This is John from Sydney, Australia, I have joined the GCCC with the name 'Velty' I am not big on typing up lenghty discussions, I simply prefer to look and learn. However, I would like to help with the gallery by sending you scans of Gift Cards that are being released over here in Australia, please let me know your prefered medium jpeg or pdf. I read the article about the Gallery and understand that you have asked for 600dpi images both front and back, so if you give me a complete overview of what needs to be done, I will try to help.
John Veltmeyer. (velty)

Re: Gallery Photo "Requirements"

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 1:47 pm
by Scott
John -

Thanks for the offer to help! Photos should be in .jpg format and around 600 pixels wide (not 600dpi). The easiest thing would be to just upload a couple of them to the gallery and a mod (or me) will check them out and approve them for listing. If there are any issues, we will fix them and then let you know what changes were necessary so you can correct it next time.

If you're not comfortable uploading to the gallery yourself, you can always email me at

Thanks again!