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Tim Hortons added to Main Categories for Canada!

Tim Hortons added to Main Categories for Canada!

Postby thetimcardgeek » Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:57 am

I find it very odd that this site does not list Tim Hortons as a main collectors card for your North American and/or Canadian Audience Collectors. If you are a USA site I can understand it, but if you are an international site then there should be some adherence to other countries differences.

Tim Hortons holds 93% of the Canadian Coffee Market. Starbucks only 2% here in Canada!
Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world next to crude oil!

Is it possible to have this added as a feature cause we don't drink that much Starbucks here and don't have Dunkin Donuts!

Tim Hortons is our National brand and heritage here. There is one on every main street corner with close to 4,000 stores across Canada.

Is it possible to have it added to the main directory where you have Starbucks, McDonalds (both direct competitors of Tim Hortons here in Canada) Walmart and Target?

Je trouve très étrange que ce site ne répertorie pas Tim Hortons comme principale carte de collection pour votre auditoire collectionneurs canadiens.

Tim Hortons détient 93% du marché du café au Canada. Starbucks seulement 2% au Canada!

Le café est le deuxième produit commercialisé dans le monde à côté de pétrole brut!

Est-il possible d'avoir cette ajouté comme une option parce que nous ne buvons pas beaucoup Starbucks ici et nous n'avons pas Dunkin Donuts!

Tim Hortons est notre marque nationale et patrimoine ici. Il ya une à chaque coin de la rue principale, avec près de 4000 magasins à travers le Canada.

Est-il possible de l'avoir ajouté dans le répertoire principal où vous avez Starbucks, McDonalds (deux concurrents directs de Tim Hortons ici au Canada) Walmart et Target?
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Re: Tim Hortons added to Main Categories for Canada!

Postby Scott » Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:26 am

It is not a question of USA vs. World, it is simply based upon which retailers are collected the most - those are given front-page treatment. There have been retailers that have moved to non-front page status as they went bankrupt/lost collector interest/etc. Most of these brands have worldwide collector appeal (Disney, etc.). Starbucks and Target are included because they were the first two retailers to really consider the collector market and thus have a huge collector base.

If there is a sudden surge of collector interest in Tim Hortons (or IKEA, or FEMSA, or Tesco) then they would find their way to the front page also. Keep in mind that although we list international cards, the visitors to this site are primarily from the U.S.

From Google Analytics: 77% US, 6% Canada, 5% U.K., 2% Phillipines, 1% Brazil.

I realize we all have our favorites, but there is no easy way to accommodate everyone and still keep it organized.
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