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Let's trade! 1000+ Doubles. Posting on Dropbox for view.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 6:20 pm
by Lottowild
Hello all collectors! -- I collected cards up until 2008, then took a break for 5 years. I am getting back into it now, but missing ALOT of issues from 2009-2013. I'm also missing cards from retailers not in my location.

I have established a Dropbox link, and will begin adding my doubles until I have all of my doubles available for view in pictures. -- Starting with Macy's and Sears, then will move on to May's stores (the various department stores bought out by Macy's circa 2006), then onto other places/categories.

Here is the link to my images on Dropbox: ... _xova?dl=0

I am also interested in possibly purchasing cards if I don't have anything you are interested in.

Contact me at krisleeduke (at) gmail (dot) com! Or on Facebook at by searching Kris Lee Duke, either way works. Thanks! - Kris in Va Beach, VA :mrgreen: